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Early Detection Of Heart Disease And Cancer located in Deerfield Beach, FL & Orlando, FL

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Life Imaging Fla. Receives 2022 Best of Deerfield Beach Award

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photo of Life Imaging Fla.

Life Imaging Fla. Receives 2023 Best of Deerfield Beach Award


About Us

Life Imaging Fla is an imaging center based in Orlando and Deerfield Beach, Florida. The facility serves all of South Florida with advanced early detection of heart disease and cancer, and a wide range of other serious illnesses and health conditions affecting vital organs.


As the only dedicated preventive care center in South Florida, Life Imaging Fla serves over 7 million residents of the region. Heart disease and cancer are the two leading causes of death in the world, and the team works with patients to assess their risk and make early diagnoses that could save their lives.

Life Imaging Fla offers low-dose CT scans of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis. These scans are incredibly detailed. The tests are also painless, quick, and don’t take much preparation and do not require dyes or contrast.

Life Imaging Fla works with licensed radiologists who read and interpret the scans. They can also refer patients to experienced cardiologists if needed, should test results indicate that medical treatment may be necessary for conditions like chest pain, hypertension, and heart attack.

For those who have concerns about or predispositions for heart disease or cancer, the tests available at Life Imaging Fla could be life-saving. To schedule an appointment, call the office nearest you or request an appointment online today. Peace of mind through prevention is the best way!


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“Life Imaging has scanned over 20,000 patients and has the pleasure of providing peace of mind and saving thousands of lives! Life Imaging works together with local Police departments, Fire departments, and Municipalities.”

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FREE Complimentary Heart scan

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Why The Low Dose GE CT Screening Test Is The Best Screening Test For Women and Men

One in 31 women die of Breast Cancer, while one in 3 women die of Heart Disease. This is a national tragedy, and one that is preventable in a high percentage of cases. For men and women in their 30s, 40s and 50s, it can seem as though a heart attack "comes from nowhere”, 40% of heart attacks are asymptomatic – the first sign can be sudden death.

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Put ​your trust in the authority for preventive screening.

Life Imaging Fla is the only dedicated preventive center in South Florida. We serve the needs of over 7 million Floridians in all of South Florida. We detect over 100 diseases and many forms of cancer to help save lives. At Life Imaging Fla we can detect some diseases up to a decade before symptoms occur. Give yourself the advantage of our fast, accurate and painless screening.

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Life Imaging Fla has one of the world's fastest & most accurate heart screening capability

- Low Dose GE CT Scanner- No Needles
- 98% Accurate Heart Scans- No Dye
- Heart Scan under 5 minutes- No Discomfort
- Non-Invasive 

New testimonials

  • Experience & Testimonials

    Karen Z

  • Experience & Testimonial

    Life Imagining FLA saved my life! I went in for a free heart scan after hearing their ad on the radio because my mom had recently passed away from a massive heart attack. While there, I also decided to get a full body CT scan, just for peace of mind. I was shocked to get the results which showed a tumor in my lungs! My Oncologist and surgeon said that getting the scan saved my life because I caught it early in Stage 1. As I had no symptoms, they were so grateful that had chosen to get the scan. By the time sympotims would have presented themselves, I would have been dealing with a serious scenario. I thank God, and my mom, along with Tom, Judy and my doctors for the miracle of early diagnosis and treatment. I urge everyone to make a small investment in yourselves and get a scan. It took 5 minutes and gave me a lifetime.

    Karen Z

  • Experience & Testimonial

    Finally! The Ultimate Peace of Mind - Preventative Screening to detect any potential cancers or other life threatening issues early on so you can take immediate action and minimize invasive treatment as much as possible! Thank you, Tom Graham, for applying your brilliant entrepreneurial skills and investing in helping save lives. My experience at your Deerfield office was beyond Five Stars on every possible level. I am still in awe of the warm welcome from Everyone - including you, Tom! It all started with a phone call from Christina - soothing my nerves from PHOBIA of CT scan procedures - her genuine approach with me is what got me in the door! Then the consultation with Stephen - Brilliant! Stephen shared invaluable knowledge and insight on health related topics that still carry a positive impact on my day to day life. The warm welcome and bright smile of the manager, Judy, made me feel right at home! The CT scan experience was as smooth and comfortable as can be! I absolutely went with the FULL body Scan and it is by far the best gift I could have given myself! I am 57 years old and have family members that have had various cancer related issues, and had they had the opportunity to partake in a PREVENTATIVE Scan their recovery process would have been fundamentally less invasive! I am grateful. Clean facility, professional staff, easy process, and the CT scan was not scary at all! ABBY STAMP OF APPROVAL! 100% (smiles)

    Abby K

The state of the art Low Dose GE CT Scanner at Life Imaging Fla is recommended by:

- American Heart Association

- American College of Cardiology Foundation

- Journal of American College of Cardiology

- Society of Atherosclerotic Imaging

- The SHAPE Study


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Orlando Office

930 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32806

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Deerfield Beach Office

1981 W Hillsboro Boulevard, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Live Your Best Life Through Proactive Health Screening

Get started on the right path to preventative healthcare today. Learn life-saving information about your health, before it is too late. Life Imaging’s team of professionals use quick, painless low dose CT Scan Technology to assist with early detection of heart disease and cancer in the heart, lungs, and vital organs.

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